This week was our first since completing our SATs last week. We began focusing on our Enterprise Project which is a project that hits multiple curriculum areas whist working towards a goal after SATs.


  1. We began by discussing our ideas for the Enterprise Project, deciding that we would like to run a Tuck Shop similar to the previous Year 6 class but also run a stall at the Summer Fayre too.
  2. In English we then began looking at the features of persuasive letters, in preparation for writing a persuasive letter to Mrs Cole next week, persuading her to let us go ahead with our ideas. The features we discussed are: Groups of three, emotive language, repetition, rhetorical questions, exaggeration and formal language.
  3. We also decided on the items that we wanted to sell at our Tuck Shop but wanted to gather some ideas from the rest of school. On Friday afternoon, we split into groups and went around different classes asking them questions (that we had written as a class) as part of our market research.
  4. In Mathematics we considered the costs of the items that we wanted to sell, carrying out research and being a Critical Consumer when pricing up the costs of buying the items from different places.
  5. We also carried out practical activities In other curriculum areas but the one that most enjoyed was working in groups and creating a range of simple and complex circuits in Science to finish off our Science topic of Electricity.