What's that? its Friday already? How did that happen? The week seems to have ended before its began. We seemed to have managed a full week of sports this week, without the interuption of the dreaded British weather.

Monday was the start of a three day American Football extravaganza, with children from classes 4,5 and 6 taking the field, the game started at 100mph. With the final score finishing 11-12, almost every player got themselves on the score sheet.

No time to rest on Tuesday as the children opted for another game of American Football. After Mondays fantastic game we thought Tuesdays game would be a little more relaxed......... WRONG... Tuesdays game started at 150mph with Isaac and Jamie leading the teams. When the game finished 15-11 to Isaac's team we tried to figure out who had scored, but all we could work out was that every player had scored.

After two days of non stop action we was ready for a more relaxing Wednesday..... WRONG AGAIN... with the children choosing American Football for the third day running, we was in for a thrilling game! This game started where the other two had left off. Shaniyha's team taking the victory over Gabrial's team with a 10=9 score line (the lowest of the three games) it was the best game so far this week. The lower score line was down to excellent defending rather than lack of action.

Thursdays game was picked by Chris, who asked for a game of hand ball. Although the game ended in a 0-0 draw it was a fun filled game with more saves made in one dinner time than we've ever seen.

We finshed the week with a game of Tag Rugby, Jasmin leading her team from the front, side and back with some great runs forward and three saves with her head. Unfortunately nor she or her team could stop Monaé's team who powered through with a 6-0 win.

This weeks Sports Person Of The Week was given to both Jasmin and Liam. Jasmin is always trying her best and never stops trying to have fun. Liam is usually on the other side of the game. As assistant head official he normally helps control,time and score the games, but this week he took to the field and was one of the stand out performers in all three games of American Football.

Same time next week folks........