Another busy week! It just so happened that our project fitted in beautifully with the scientific activities going on in Science week in school. The children have been researching the different ways that we could make our own working compasses. We have found lots of different ways and if you take a look at our ‘Curriculum Page’, you will see some of the examples of the designs so far. We are all looking forward to making our compasses next week.

The children have worked really hard this week and the quality of some of the work was very high. The superstars this week were:

  • Olivia (Year 5)
  • Ruby (Year 4)
  • Gabriel (Year 4)
  • Jamaar (Year 2)
  • Esther (Year 1)

The older children also had a go at an online compass quiz, they managed to get 8/10, have a try yourself and see if you can do better. It can be found at:  

In other lessons, Leon (Year 2) did some amazing hand writing and was the first to complete his rhyming word jigsaw, he got a well-deserved certificate.