Wait.... what? The weeks gone already?

It's been a bit hit and miss this week for sports in both juniors and infants.

In the juniors football and tag rugby took centre stage this week. With year 6 doing SATS practice I think the fresh air and running around was just what they needed. With lots of goals and trys scored by nearly everyone that played it was a fun and free flowing week of enjoyment.

In the infants we stuck to skittles. A few of the infants were taking part in a football tournament, so they spent most of the week practising and then took part in the Vida tournament. Those who were left behind enjoyed playing different variations of skittles. Penalty shots, two pass games and full games. We all had so much fun.

This weeks Sports Person of the Week awards went to Monaè for the juniors and Alan for the infants. Everyday this week they always made sure the games were still able to be played regardless of reduced numbers and they helped by setting up and organising them too.

Hopefully the nice, warm weather will continue over the long weekend and we can set up some games on the field next week.

Thats it for now, have a nice weekend!