A busy, busy week once again...at least we have had lots of sunshine to keep us going.


Liam, Sky, Zana and Tyler have all worked tremendously hard this week in preparation for their SATs next week. We have been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages; so any questions, fire them at these guys and if they are working like they were with me, they will be able to give you your answer!


All the very best to all of our children in Gold class for next week. Just remember: work hard, do your best, get a good night's sleep, eat well and try to relax a little. I am confident that all their hard work will pay off.


If anyone needs a little challenge for their brain this week, here are a couple of puzzles to keep you going:


For the Infants:


Zigs have 4 eyes and Zogs have 5.


They live on a planet called Ziggetyzogbob.


How many of each creature do you need to make 43 eyes?



Junior Challenge:

Can you make the numbers 1 to 20 using only the following numbers and mathematical signs?

4, 5, x, - and =



Good luck and enjoy!