How is it Friday already???

Well it’s been a fast and fun week for both the infants and juniors this week, a footballing bonanza has landed at Pool House.

With help from Lee and Reo the infants have really enjoyed themselves, with around 25-30 goals scored this week. The stand out goal this week was scored by Max. With a great defensive tackle leading to a goal scored from his own half. Alan stepped up with a couple of goals this week, this young man is usually working the flanks to provide key passes but this week has started to push forward and take some chances of his own. Reagan has been ever steady in goal with Cain’s solid defending to help. As ever the infants showed plenty of team spirit and sportsmanship, well done guys…

In the juniors, football was asked for and given as the sun finally started to show its face. Dylan and Tyler helped to get the games started before joining in and having fun. As always Isaac was all over the field in every game with last ditch tackles and solo runs from one end of the pitch to the other. Harrison added to his goal tally with four more goals scored this week and Jake stepped up his game with two goals scored against a stranded Jamie (goal keeper at the time).

The infant Sports Person of the Week goes to Ben. What a star this lad is. He shows his bravery in every game and is so eager to get involved he even tackles his own team mates if they are to near to his net.

The junior Sports Person of the Week goes to Tyler. Tyler likes to help with organising the games but he has been joining in lately and really does try his best to play well and play right.

Well do everyone, let’s hope for nice weather next week so we can play rounders, cricket and hockey.

See you all next week…