That’s the second week done and it’s been fun, fun, fun all the way.

With three different sport’s games going on around school each dinner time, it’s been a challenge to keep up with what’s going on. Luckily there are a number of junior children that want to help out with the refereeing.

The infants have enjoyed a football week this week, with the goal of the week coming from a Leo volley. All the infants really did have a lot of fun and next week we are going to throw in a relay race, tag rugby and skittles, just to make sure they continue to have fun.

The lower juniors had a couple of games of football and a couple of games of basketball which was played in the best of ways. Each game was played in a fun and friendly manner and everyone who took part got a far turn at shooting in both types of games. Friday’s game of football finished 1-0 to Lexi’s team, even though Lexi had a penalty saved twice by Hayden.

The upper juniors had two games of football and a game of skittles this week, with the game of skittles being the highest scoring game of the week. Harrison’s team won 9-5. This score would have been even bigger if it wasn’t for the excellent defending of Connor, who prevented at least 5 goals from being scored.

This week’s Sports Person of the Week awards go to Leo, Connor and max.

Leo scored the goal of the week and always does his best whenever taking part in any games we play.

Connor was this week’s best defender and never gave up no matter what the score was.

Max is bursting with enthusiasm no matter what he’s doing and he really did bring that to this week’s lunch time sports.

Well done everyone keep it up.

More sports next week…..