Well Moonbeam class have had another busy week. 

In English this week we had a visit to Moonbeam zoo and the children saw lots of crazy animals. 

"I saw some monkeys dancing!" (Aiesha)

"The snake tried to eat us but we ran away." (Conner)

The children then wrote their own recount of our trip to the zoo. (Pretty amazing, if I do say so myself) 

In mathematics the children have been learning to add to 10. 

1+9=10 (Emily)

5+5=10 (Alara)

In Science the children have been learning about their senses.

"Your nose is for smelling." (Kaidon)

"Your eyes are for seeing." (Oscar)

"We have 5 different senses." (Ellie)

The children loved making some large body parts with Miss Chisnall, they will soon be up on our display for you to see.

In History this week the children have been looking at toys from the past. The children have enjoyed playing marbles, jacks and a selection of board games. 

Well done for another fantastic  or should the be zootastic week. Have a great weekend.