Another brilliant week had by all of Moonbeam Class.

In English this week we have started to look at a recount. The children have been recalling the main events of Sam’s nature walks. The children have enjoyed learning about the different animals he saw on each of his journeys.

“Sam saw a feather from a magpie.” (Oscar)

“Sam saw some foxes footprint.” (Dylan)

“Sam saw a crab on the beach.” (Eliza)

In Mathematics we have been learning to count in 10’s, 5’s and 2’s. The children have added actions whilst counting.

In Science we were describing animals.

“My animal has a long tail, it has small ears and it is covered in stripy fur which is black and orange. Can you guess what I am?” (Ellie)  

“My animal has a trunk, it has a big round body and it is grey. Can you guess what I am?” (Conner)

In P.E we continued to practise our underarm throwing. We tried to use our equipment to strike a target.

In History we compared old and new toys and looked at how they have changed over time.

Please remember parents evening on Tuesday and our Beacon Fell trip on Wednesday.

Star of the week went to Ellie

Merit winners were Alara and Sophia