A busy, but fun week this week, where we have begun our new project with gusto! The groups are focussing this half term on analysis, looking at fine details and exploring our understanding. This week, we looked at poetry. The children had to look at the lines of poetry they had been given and try to work out as a group, how these fitted together. This required them to use good communication skills and on occasion, diplomatic skills too, when they disagreed with someone else’s opinion! I will add in a few photographs of the children as they tried to work out the poems.

We all agreed, that by looking at the poems, broken up into lines, it made us focus on the details and the specific language and techniques that had been used in the poems. The Diamond and Gold group looked at the poem:  ‘I Wanna Be’, by John Cooper Clarke; Bronze and Diamond group looked at ‘Never, Never, Never’, by Rachel Rooney and  Moonbeam and Rainbow group looked at the rhymes that were all mixed up: ‘Remember, Remember’, ‘London’s Burning’ and ‘Ring a Ring O Roses’. Alicja noticed that they were all linked by being about times in our history, when bad things had happened- well done there!

The ‘stars’ who received certificates this week were: Tegan, Finlay, Ada, Alicja, Wojciech, Ruby, Leon and Olivia-well done all of you!

In other lessons, we looked at our visual, auditory and working memory, together with our phonological memory and did some phonics work. Well done to all of those children who worked so hard.

The challenge this week will fit in with the idea of analysing, so here are links to ‘Spot the Difference’ webpages, where you can analyse the pictures carefully, to see where there are differences between the two pictures.  

For the Infants:


There are ten differences to find.


Junior Challenge:

There are ten differences to find here too.


Good luck and enjoy!