The cold won’t stop us having fun.

It’s been cold this week but we’ve still managed to get outside for some fresh (albeit chilly) air.

The infants played football and skittles this week. It was great to see these young children enjoying themselves as well as taking care of themselves and each other. they understood the ground was a little slippy and played accordingly (with zero sports related injuries). Excellent gamesmanship was on show as always and the play of the week had to be Alans fantastic run from one end of the pitch to the other, followed by a slick finish off the post.

The lower juniors played football, skittles and basketball this week. It was goal galore in the two games of football with Ryan bagging himself a hat-trick. The best play of the week definitely goes to lee, for his backwards basketball shot that circled the hoop before dropping through. Lee as ever took it in his stride and coolly walked away as if it’s something he does all the time (which he does).

The upper juniors got their game on with football and skittles this week. It’s really good to see the sportsmanship that these guys portray. As in every game of football, Ben and Harrison were superb. Passing, tackling, scoring and goal keeping; there’s nothing these two can’t do. Gabriel and Owen were the stand out players in skittles, with some beautiful one, two game play up and down the pitch.

The infant sports person of the week goes to Miquell. What a star this man is. Always playing, always following the rules, always plays as a team member, always does his best, I could go on and on.

The lower junior sports person of the week goes to Max. the confidence this young man has now is phenomenal. He is such a good sportsman no matter what game he plays. He can start a game he’s never played before and by the end, he’s an expert.

The upper junior sports person of the week goes to Olivia and Lacey. I couldn’t decide which one of these girls should get this, so they both did. Olivia has to be the bravest person I’ve ever met. She will tackle anyone, defend any shot and save anything that comes her way. Lacey has the passing ability some professional footballers can only dream of. She has pinpoint accuracy and is a credit to any team she’s on.

Hot, cold, warm,windy, wet (with in reason), whatever the weather we will still be playing sports.