Another very fun-filled and busy week. Children from Moonbeam class were working on developing their understanding of the alphabet sequence and on improving their working memory. They tried to remember sequences of numbers and letters in reverse order…this is really hard!

On Tuesday morning, a group of children accompanied Mrs Bennett, Mrs Soole and myself to sing Christmas songs and carols at a local residential home. We had a lovely time and the children sang beautifully, they were a real credit to themselves, the school and to you as parents.

On Tuesday afternoon, all of the juniors joined us in the hall for the greatly anticipated BIG Inter-Ingol Christmas quiz. The six children who represented Pool House were: Darcy, Alan, Evie, William, Ruby and Joey. They did fantastically and we all had great fun. They came a very respectable second.

The rest of the photos will be on the gallery pages, so take a look.

Today has been a busy day, continuing with our analysis project. The infant group looked at a rhyming word word-search, where they had to find words that rhymed with those on the sheet…harder than in sounds! The junior children had a much trickier task and had to solve a synonym word search. The competition between the children from Diamond Class and Gold Class was very funny to witness!

The stars of the week this week were:

Darcy (year 2)

Alan (year 2)

Ellie-Mae (year 4)

Keelie (year 5) and

Ayyun (year 6)

Well done all of you.


This week’s challenge:


Can you turn one work into another in just four stages, by only changing one letter at a time?

  1. Damp
  5. Like

Have fun and enjoy!