On Monday we had our last basketball session in PE. Mr Blackburn got hit in the face with the basketball; it was hilarious! We also completed more work for our Working Wall on The Hobbit. You can now we key vocabulary and definitions, key characters, riddles and interpertations of Gollum in our class.


On Tuiesday it was Safter Internet day and we completed a few different activities with Mr Blackburn in the afternoon. We also took part in singing with Mrs Bennett and sung our own version of 'The Sound of Silence'. In Maths we completed revision on the radius, diameter and circumference before looking at finding percentages of amounts.


On Wednesday we carried on learning about percentages of amounts and also looked a few word problems invovlving percentages. We read an example of a 'Revolting Recipe' and pciked out key grammatical features. After this, we started to plan our own 'Revolting Recipie'


On Thursday we spent part of the morning writing our Revolting Recipies into our English books. Before we did this we evaluated our own writing using our Writing Expectations Grid and then we peer assessed our work too, leaving each other positive comments and improvements that could be made. In the afternoon i was chosen, along with five other girls, to represent the school at VIDA and play football against other schools. We beat Holy Family 4-0 in our first game, before narrowly losing to St Andrew's 3-2 and then going on to beat Kennigton and St Maria Gorettis 4-0 too. In the knockouts we drew 1-1 with St Joseph's before losing 5-4 in the penalty shootout.


On Friday (today) we had a extended celebration assembly, wher Mr Blackburn gave out certificates to the girls who came to the football. Throughout the morning Mr Blackburn, Mr Bamber and Mrs Cole watched and judged the auditions for Pool House has Talent. This afternoon we have an attendance party which I will be going to because I have 100% attendance. I'm excited for the end of the day too as it is HALF TERM!!!