This week in Bronze class we started a new topic in English of poetry. We have been learning all about different types of poems and had a go at writing our own. We went exploring round school for new language and ideas for our poems.

In Mathematics our focus this week has been doubling and halving using partitioning. We are amazing at partitioning so this really helped us with our work. Remember if you want to practise your maths you can use active learn online.

On Tuesday we were really lucky as we got to take part in a Ju Jitsu workshop. We all had lots of fun and Reegan's kick was that powerful that he knocked the man over!

With Mr Herd in DT we have been making our photo frames that we have been designing the last few weeks.

Well done to Mikquell who was the star of the week this week!

Well done to Skye and Lily-May who got our Merit certificates