25 September 2020

Our first full week in school…

What a fabulous week we have had in Sunshine class this week.

The children have already settled in really well, and are following the school rules and routines brilliantly.

We have been great at listening at carpet times. We have learnt 4 new sounds this week; s,a,t and p. we have talked about how to put the sounds together to make little words such as “at” and “pat”

We have been counting carefully, counting one object at a time, and we have started to write some of our numbers.

We have enjoyed singing lots of new songs, and we had our music teacher in on Wednesday to explore the sounds that different instruments make.

On Thursday we had our football coach in from AFC Fylde, we had a great time kicking the ball to our friends.

This is what the children have said they have enjoyed the most this week…

Kevin has enjoyed playing in the house

Reis has enjoyed playing fireman Sam

Virtue has enjoyed playing catch outside

Teddy has enjoyed eating the pizza and the apple

Hunter has enjoyed playing outside with tornado Ted

Emilia has enjoyed drawing on the playground

Sam has enjoyed playing with the dolls house

Ava has enjoyed making friends with Virtue

Zara has enjoyed drawing mummy and daddy outside

Benjamin has enjoyed being fireman Sam and putting the fires out

Marcel has enjoyed playing the train track

Brynley has enjoyed making our dinners in the kitchen

Jessica has enjoyed mixing the food in the home corner

Sarah has enjoyed ringing mummy and daddy on the telephone

Oliver has enjoyed making the toast in the home corner

Junior has enjoyed washing the pots in the home corner

Essie has enjoyed playing with the dolls house

Ibrahim has enjoyed singing the hippo song

Aaron has enjoyed playing with the trains on the train track

Harley has enjoyed playing in the kitchen

Coco has enjoyed making friends with Junior

Lily-Ann has enjoyed playing with the babies with Zara.

Well done to our star of the week Marcel

Our merit certificates went to Sam and Kevin.


Please keep your eyes on our gallery where we will upload photos of this week’s fun and games.

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