All about me

Its all about me…

This week we have really focussed on sharing our likes and interests. We have talked to our new friends and played with our favourite things.

One of the main areas for learning this week has been Expressive Arts. Everybody has drawn a beautiful self-portrait using a mirror…

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Our first full week together

Our first full week together.

What a wonderful week we have had, everybody has tried so hard with all of our activities.

It has been a week of firsts and I’m delighted with the fact that everybody has been willing to have a go and try everything.

We have enjoyed learning our first 2…

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Starting School

We are really impressed with how well all the children have started school. They have all been happy and have joined in with all of our activities this week. We have all really enjoyed getting to know each other and have started to make new friends in Sunshine class. 

We have been enjoying…

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Rainbow Fish!

This week we have been reading the story of the Rainbow Fish. We have enjoyed learning about sea creatures, and talking about all the animals that live under the sea. We even managed to watch an episode of Octonauts every day just before we had our lunch to cool down from the Sunshine. This taught…

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Fruity Fun!

This week we have continued to observe our caterpillars, we are amazed at how much they have grown. At the start of the week they were just 1cm long but now they are 4cm long. We have enjoyed finding out about their appearance and the purpose of the webbing in the pots too.

We have also been…

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Question time!

What a fantastic week it has been in Sunshine class this week! This week has all been about asking and answering questions. On Tuesday we all had a go a sitting in the hot seat and answering questions from our friends. On Wednesday we wrote our own questions to ask Mrs Cole all about her job. On…

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A Christmas week of festive fun

A Christmas week of festive fun

This week we have really got into the festive spirit.

Here are our top 10 festive moments of the week

  1. We have all written our Christmas cards.
  2. We have made tree decorations making our names with scrabble letters.
  3. We have wrapped our own gifts to…
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The Nativity

The Nativity

This week has been all about Christmas and finding out about the very first Christmas long, long ago. We have been reading stories, talking about the characters and deciding who we would like to be in our own version of the Nativity next week.

We have also spent time making and…

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Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali,

This week we have found out all about Diwali, and how Hindu people celebrate it. We have made a big Rangoli pattern, Diwali lamps and tried some Indian food too.

We have done some Diwali dancing and enjoyed some Diwali music.

Our story this week has been The Gingerbread Man.…

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This week in Sunshine class we have really focused on Remembrance Day. We have enjoyed talking about poppies, dissecting them and rebuilding them, moving like them in dance, painting them, creating them on biscuits and finding out all about soldiers a long time ago and how brave…

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Zooming through the Week

Zooming through the week!

What a fabulous week we have had finding out all about Bonfire night and how it all began many years ago with the very naughty Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder barrels.

We have thoroughly enjoyed creating our own fireworks, Catherine wheels and rockets. We made lovely…

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Autumn Fun

Autumn Fun!
I can’t believe how much we have packed into one week in school. 
Sunshine class has been learning all about Autumn time. We have collected leaves, sticks and acorns, and we have also found out about conkers and how the weather changes during this season.  I am so pleased with the…

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