Hunting for bugs

This week has been shorter but jam packed full of fun and exploration.

On Tuesday morning we paired up to go hunting for bugs around the school grounds. The children were all amazing at this, finding the bugs hidey holes and favourite places. Sapphire and Ellie were superb, as were Lillie and…

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Healthy week

This week we have talked all about being healthy. How do we keep our bodies healthy?

'Brush our teeth' (Justyna)

'Have a shower' Rossi

'Wash germs off our hands' (Hope)

'Drink lots of water' (Naimh)

We talked about lots of different ways to keep our body healthy and we made posters…

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Aye Aye Captain

Aye Aye Captain! This week has been so much fun. We have enjoyed being pirates and finding out all about them. At the start of the week we split into our groups and came up with our own pirate names, flags and bases. We searched for treasure, and found famous pirates out in our…

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Sunny sunshiners

This week we have enjoyed more time outside enjoying the sunshine and our outdoor environment. We have been learning how to play nicely with the outdoor toys, sharing with our friends, and not mixing the materials up. Niamh and Hannah painted some beautiful spring pictures on the outdoor easel,…

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Spring is in the air

This week we have celebrated the start of the Spring season by finding out all about Spring time and how the environment changes.

The Pear group wrote a lovely poem:

Beautiful yellow daffodils (Lillie)

Jumping green frogs (Kyra)

Baby chicks hatching (Hope)

Tadpoles in the pond…

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The day the crayons quit

On Monday we discussed what we had done over the weekend, the children then went to draw a picture of something they had done over the weekend. When the children went to colour their picture they realised all our colours had gone missing. We then read the story of the day the crayons quit.The…

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Clever little puppies

What an exciting week we have had in Sunshine class with our different celebrations.  Pancake Day on Tuesday proved a flipping good time, and we are happy to report that every child tried their pancakes.  Our world book day Dalmatian spectacular was fabulous. Everybody looked amazing in their…

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What a busy first week back

Unfortunately this week Mrs Parkinson has been off sick. The children have kept in contact with her by writing letters to her in our key groups. On Monday Mrs Parkinson sent each group a game to play and a letter asking us all about our half term, the children wrote back telling her something they…

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The sky is the limit

Our heads have been in the sky this week with the class enjoying our new airport role play area. We have flown to a host of different destinations from visiting Mickey in America, to China to celebrate their new year.

The children have joined in with the Chinese festivities this week. We have…

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Fact or Fiction

What a week we have had in sunshine class. In English we have continued with our topic, Polar Regions and we couldn’t have asked for more suitable weather conditions to inspire the children. This week have learnt about the differences between fiction and non fiction books which I’m sure you will…

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Waddling through the week

This week we have embraced the cold weather and have been learning all about penguins and their habitats. On Monday morning a suitcase was found in our classroom. The contents were somewhat different from normal as it contained snowballs, a small can of sardines and a small picnic blanket. We had…

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Is the glass half full or half empty

This week Mrs White has been teaching the class lots of new skills. In maths they have covered capacity; measuring out liquids to see which containers hold the most, finding half full, full and empty.  The class have enjoyed the practical skills pouring the liquids from one container to…

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