A Christmas week of festive fun

This week we have really got into the festive spirit.

Here are our top 10 festive moments of the week

  1. We have all written our Christmas cards.
  2. We have made tree decorations making our names with scrabble letters.
  3. We have wrapped our own gifts to bring home.
  4. We have performed our Nativity in our costumes and have recorded it to put on the website.
  5. We have sung Christmas songs.
  6. We have made Christmas crackers.
  7. We have designed Christmas t-shirts.
  8. We have read lots of different Christmas stories.
  9. We have been working hard in our Christmas activity books.
  10. We have watched a lovely Christmas film

This week’s star of the week is Harley

Our merit award winners are Cora and Lilly-Ann

Our friendship award goes to Ava-Mae