Today, we made our whole class WW2 time line. Also we went on active learn (Maths flex) it wasn’t everyone’s favourite, but we all did it and did well. In the afternoon we had our film afternoon and watched Christmas Chronicles 2.



Today, we watched the last part of Christmas Chronicles 2 on Netflix. We chilled out in the hall and had popcorn. Also we went back on to Active Learn to play on all of the maths games that Mr Blackburn has kindly added. These games tested skills that we have learnt so far this year in Maths.



Today, we designed our own 12 days of Pool House and played a game of guess the Christmas song. Also we made our Christmas cards which all have a “Bah Humbug” theme to them.



Today, we planned our t-shirts and I (Emily) read some of my Murder Mystery story to the class. Also, we made our very own Christmas wrapping paper. Most of them were themed to look like the popular online game: Among us.                                                             



Today we started the day with some fun activities: Word search and colouring sheets. Everyone is excited because it is the week before we leave school for Christmas and I am happy to say that we are all in the Christmas spirit. We recorded our Christmas Carols with Year 5 around the Christmas tree in the hall. Lastly, today is festive Friday so everyone is wearing their Christmas jumpers.


                                 Star of the week

                                  Alice Dalmelia



                  Jaedah Hajarie and Jahi Hajarie


                                    Good friend

                                      Evie Duffy