What a brainy week we have had in Sunshine class this week. We have enjoyed looking at our caterpillars, asking questions about how they move and what they need to grow. We have measured their growth using a ruler and will carry on with this as they change into cocoons. We have enjoyed using the magnifying glasses to make them look bigger and see them closer.

We have been learning all about rhyming strings and have written rhyming words in chalk outside. This was tricky at the start of the week but as the week has gone on it has got a lot easier.. Everybody has enjoyed using the different instruments this week; exploring how to make different sounds and tap out beats and rhythms.

In Maths we have explored capacity - finding full, half full and empty and deciding which containers hold the most liquid. We also looked at weight and ordered objects from heaviest to lightest.

During PSHCE we talked about how to be healthy and all made our own posters about things we do to be healthy. We have also had a good chat about rules and why we have rules. Everybody could state a school rule or  a rule at home and knew we had rules to keep us safe.

On Thursday we had our weekly football session with AFC Fylde and we also had a little Eid celebration in class too.

This weeks star of the week is Selim

Our merit certificates go to Virtue and Vaishvik for amazing reading

Our kind friend award is for Zara