Hooray for Harvest

What another wonderful week we have had in Sunshine class. Children have continued becoming familiar with the indoor and outdoor environments as they have chosen their own resources and activities to engage in throughout the week. The water and home corner areas have been very popular.

We have…

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The animals went in two by two...

What a superb week Sunshine class has had this week!

We loved our trip to the Blackpool zoo on Tuesday.

"I liked the pengiuns because they were swimming in the water" (Aiesha)

"Giraffes have long necks to reach the leaves off the trees! (Ellie)

"We saw some monkeys and gorillas, they…

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Fly me to the Moon!

Friday already!

What a fantastic week (according to Oscar) it has been in Sunshine class.

We have been 'Scientific Investigators', 'Stargazers' and 'Moonwatchers' this week.

One investigation we did was to find out how moon craters are made.

Sunshine class can tell you:

Moon goes…

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Farm to Fork

This week in Sunshine class we have been enjoying learning about the farm. We have talked about the animals found on the farm, the noises they make and the job a farmer does. We have been thinking about the crops that grow on a farm and what food comes from a farm. Our food topic will continue…

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