Sunshine Superstars

Sunshine Superstars,

So this week has been all about the children doing their favourite Sunshine things.

We have had lots of time in continuous provision, engaging in play and communication with our friends, doing our favourite things.

We have talked and written about why we are…

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A colourful week...

Rainbow blog

This week we have been learning all about colour, reading the book “The Day the Crayons Quit”

Here is some of the things we have learnt about or done in Sunshine class.

Raced in sports day on Monday

All wrote letters asking the crayons to come home

Investigated what…

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“Shiver me timbers”

Following a fabulous pirate day last Friday, we have continued this week finding out more about the life of a pirate, how they would live, and what things they would do on a ship.

We have also continued finding out more about under the sea animals by using the computer to find facts about our…

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Its all a bit fishy…

This week we have been diving under the sea to see what lurks beneath.

We have been collaging fish, octopus, seahorses and jellyfish using a variety of different textures and resources.

We have enjoyed a range of different stories – “Sharks Big Surprise” being one of Mrs Parkinson’s…

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Rainbow Fish!

This week we have been reading the story of the Rainbow Fish. We have enjoyed learning about sea creatures, and talking about all the animals that live under the sea. We even managed to watch an episode of Octonauts every day just before we had our lunch to cool down from the Sunshine. This taught…

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This weeks top ten moments in Sunshine class

Our top ten moments this week have been:-

  • observing our caterpillars as cocoons
  • Playing football with AFC Fylde
  • Acting out the scarecrows wedding in groups with props
  • Writing sentences about the scarecrows wedding independently
  • Learning how to subtract
  • Looking at our interactive…
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Fruity Fun!

This week we have continued to observe our caterpillars, we are amazed at how much they have grown. At the start of the week they were just 1cm long but now they are 4cm long. We have enjoyed finding out about their appearance and the purpose of the webbing in the pots too.

We have also been…

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Caterpillars, Capacity and Concentration

What a brainy week we have had in Sunshine class this week. We have enjoyed looking at our caterpillars, asking questions about how they move and what they need to grow. We have measured their growth using a ruler and will carry on with this as they change into cocoons. We have enjoyed using the…

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Question time!

What a fantastic week it has been in Sunshine class this week! This week has all been about asking and answering questions. On Tuesday we all had a go a sitting in the hot seat and answering questions from our friends. On Wednesday we wrote our own questions to ask Mrs Cole all about her job. On…

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The case of the missing gingerbread

What an exciting week we have had in Sunshine class. 

On Monday we followed a recipe to make our own gingerbread men and popped them in the oven. During the afternoon everybody read and we did some super phonics.

On Tuesday we went to take them out of the oven to find they had gone missing.…

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Run, run as fast as you can...

The Gingerbread man is responsible for our activities in class this week. We have read the story, acted out the story and made characters from the story using different materials. All the children have done a great job during phonics this week, lots of us are reading and writing more…

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Three little pigs

Three little pigs

This week the children have done some excellent writing linked to the three little pigs. The children have all written letters to the pigs, and these can be seen displayed on the wall next to the coat pegs.

They have also painted pigs using different tools and techniques,…

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