What another super week in Rainbow class. I am really impressed with all the children’s work this week and how hard we are trying to work neatly in our books. We have had lots of laughter and time to celebrate how brilliant we all are as individuals.

This week we have learned about the following things:

  • Living and non-living things
  • The 7 continents of the world
  • How to use capital letters and full stops
  • What adjectives are
  • How many tens and ones are in a number
  • How to play new age Kurling
  • How to use place value to order numbers to 100
  • What an algorithm is
  • How we are all unique
  • The importance of a school council and who should be our members from year 2.

This weeks certificate winners were

Star – Tilly

Merit – Ruby and Emily W

Polite award - Phoebe

Good friend award - Cruz