Guest blogger of the week - Dylan

Amazing week in rainbow class!


In p.e. we have been doing tennis [Ellie]

In science we have been doing arctic animals [Kyle]

In English we have been doing learning about Jack and the beanstalk [Ben]

We grew sunflowers for our Jack and the giant sunflower story. [Sophia]


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Rainbow class's week of fun!

This week has been a very busy week in Rainbow class. 



"We had porridge delivered to us from Goldilocks. I put honey in my porridge." - Filip

"We wrote Goldilocks a letter explaining how to make porridge." - Jack

"We had to write her a letter so she knows how to make…

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Guest Blogger - Emily Duffy

The children have been developing their typing skills recently and have been writing their own blog posts using Word. This week we have chosen Emily to be our guest blogger. 


This week in rainbow class we have been…

DT-We have been learning how to do sliders of the ginger bread man

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The end of another half term already?!!!

This week in Rainbow class we have been revising what we have already learnt so far this year.

In maths the children have recapped the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have revised the written methods that we have learnt in year 2 and applied these…

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Our guest blogger this week is.... Ellie Bradbury!

This week in rainbow class we have been very busy. 

The star of the week is Emily. Our merit certificate winners are Eliza and me (Ellie) well done.

In maths we have been doing Division  some with reminders in. On Friday we have been making chocolate in English we have been learning about…

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I've got a Golden Ticket!

The children have been working hard to earn golden tickets this week. 

We have started reading the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, linked to our English unit on chocolate. 

"We tasted chocolate." - Maryam

"We have been learning about where chocolate comes from." - Sophia


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A week in pictures

“This week we have been learning more about Florence Nightingale. We have been pretending we were soldiers writing a letter” – Oscar


“We were learning our 5x tables. 3x5=15” – Indy


“We have been learning the /I/ sound.” – Sophia

“Find has the /I/ sound in it.” – Nevaeh


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Welcome to 2019!

Welcome back everyone and a happy new year! 


This half term in year 2 we are learning about Florence Nightingale.

"She was helping the soldiers." - Sophia

"She was a nurse." - Aiesha

"She was the lady with the lamp." - Oscar

"At night she held a lamp and checked on the…

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A Strictly Nativity!

"This week we have been practising our nativity." - Millie

"I have been singing." - Aiesha

"I have been learning my lines for the nativity." - Maryam

"We have been singing with Mrs Parkinson." - Sophia 

"We have been speaking into a microphone so people can hear us." -…

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Sensational Salads

In Design Technology this week we have been

"Making our own salad." - Sophia

"We had to design a salad before making it." - Filip

"We had to wash our hands before we made our salad." - Ellie

"Our hair must be tied back." - Maryam

"We cut the vegetable in our salad. Mine had peppers…

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Team work makes the dream work!

This week in Rainbow class we have been focusing on working together as a team. 

As part of our PSHCE we need to learn how to understand other people's feelings and to co-operate. 

"In PE we played ladders." - Indy

"We also played chain tig." - Sophia

"We caught the ball playing Odd…

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Children in Need

Children in Need Day


"Today we have been wearing something yellow." - Ben

"We are wearing yellow for Children in Need to raise money." - Emily

"We have done crafts today." - Bobbi-Jack

"I have been colouring a Pudsey bear." - Filip

"On the computers we drew a picture of Pudsey…

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