This week we have been diving under the sea to see what lurks beneath.

We have been collaging fish, octopus, seahorses and jellyfish using a variety of different textures and resources.

We have enjoyed a range of different stories – “Sharks Big Surprise” being one of Mrs Parkinson’s favourites.

In maths we have solved a lot of different word problems. Addition, subtraction and doubling. We really are becoming very smart with our mathematics skills.

It has been exciting this week watching our new outdoor area being made bigger, the builders have done a great job and we have enjoyed watching them work through the windows.

We have been physical this week. We have had our weekly visit from AFC Fylde but have done Athletics this week for a change, and we have practised for sports day – running in straight lines down the track. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to do sports day before the end of this school year.

In phonics we have worked on sentence construction, and making words with sounds that we have found outside on the playground.

Well done to our certificate winners this week – it was a tough decision when everybody tried so hard with pirate day.

Star of the week - Cora

Certificates - Reis and Marcel