This week we have six top moments (we couldn’t narrow it down to five there were just too many!).

They are:

  1. We have worked on our column subtraction and have ALL been able to exchange numbers of different sizes including decimal numbers!
  2. We have been planning and writing our own short stories – they have all turned out brilliantly.
  3. In our Art lessons we have been drawing our own images of The Bayeux Tapestry using sketching skills.
  4. We have been learning about how we can make different pitches in Science. We conducted an experiment which you can see in our photo galleries on the website and we also designed our own instruments that would make different pitches.
  5. In RE we have learnt what Avatars are and designed our own ideas.
  6. In Geography we had a look at some maps and worked out how long it would to take to get to different places, including what roads you would use and what direction we would need to travel in.

Our certificate winners are:

Star of the week – Damian

Merit – Scarlett and Cassius

Good Friend – Amelia

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Pass and Miss Hargreaves J