1. We spent the week learning about Harry Potter in English. We read the early chapters of ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ up to when Hagrid gives Harry his letter of invitation to Hogwarts. We then placed ourselves in Harry’s shoes and created our own letter of response to Dumbledore – either accepting or rejecting the invitation and giving reasons why.
  2. We learnt about Chichen Itza in History and explored the famous temple of El Castillo. We then created a fact file about what we had learnt. Team captains in a game of ‘Pok a Toc’ would be beheaded after the game – a game we decided against replicating!
  3. In RE we compared Buddhist beliefs with key Christian beliefs and created a table of the comparisons for our class Big Book.
  4. In Art we created our own abstract collages using all of the same materials that Kurt Schwitters (our featured Artist) would have used. We used – newspaper, leaflets, letters, stamps, postcards amongst other everyday materials.
  5. In French we explored how to greet one another and worked with a range of different partners meeting and greeting each other using different responses.