Our top five moments this week are:

  1. On Wednesday we began making our Anglo-Saxon boats in DT using art straws for a mast and felt for sails and shields.
  2. In PE we have learnt more about gymnastics in particular different types of balances.
  3. In English we have become word detectives looking at prefixes, roots words, suffixes and some spelling rules.
  4. In Mathematics we have been learning about fractions and decimals. We all now know some equivalent fractions and decimals.
  5. In SPaG we have been looking at adverbs, adverbial phrases and fronted adverbials.

Today has been Red Nose Day and we have loved doing different activities: quizzes, word searches, designs and more…


Our award winners this week are:

Star of the week – Scarlett

Merits – Charlie & Harrison

Good Friend – Filza


Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Pass & Miss Hargreaves J