This week in Sunshine class, we have been learning about minibeasts and trees.


We went on a minibeast hunt and we found lots of spiders, slugs and beetles!

"I found two spiders in the tyre!" - Cruz


Miss Grice taught us about trees and now we know how to tell the difference between  young and old trees! We can even talk about different kinds of trees.

"Young trees have thin tree trunks." - Layla-May


In maths we have started to learn how to count in 2s! We practiced lots of times with Miss Grice until we got it right

"When we count in 2s, we use all the even numbers!" - Matilda


We have been working really hard on our sentence writing and reading with our teachers - we are getting really good at this now!


On Friday morning we had a fun PE morning with year 6! We played cricket, rounders, football and hurdles.

"My favourite part was playing football with my buddy!" - Kennedy


This Week's Certificate Winners 

Star of the week - Ashley-Grace

Merit - Mia and Luis

Good friends - The whole class! We have all helped to look after Cruz who has a broken arm.