Settling into Sunshine Class
What a fantastic start to school life we have all had. All the boys and girls are settling in really well, becoming familiar with the school rules and routines. They are starting to form really secure relationships and friendships with one another.
We have explored inside the classroom, playing with all the toys; sharing and taking turns. We have learnt to tidy up after ourselves and have learnt the golden rule “to always be kind”
This week we have begun our Phonics lessons learning the sounds s,a,t,p. We have said the phoneme and written the grapheme. Now that we have learnt a few sounds, we have started looking at how we segment and blend sounds to make words.
We have also looked at the numbers 1, 2 and 3. Again we have looked at what these numbers look like and how to make these quantities with objects.
We have read 3 days this week to Mrs Hudson who has asked us lots of questions about the story. Please try and hear your child read every day where possible. We have enjoyed listening to stories being read every day too.
Our PD skills have been developed through Dance and Football this week. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times. We have also walked around the outdoor environment every morning and enjoyed playtime games such as “duck duck goose”.
In other areas of the curriculum we have written our names, made houses and talked about who lives in our home.
This week your child will bring home their homework book. This can be returned on a Friday with one box filled in to state what activity they have completed from the learning wall.
This weeks star of the week is Ellie
Our merit awards went to Bella and Zahrah
Our kind friend is Autumn