This week in English we have been planning, editing and writing our own Jabberwocky inspired narratives. Once we had planned these, we typed them up on the laptop. We had to choose whichever genre we wanted the narratives to be too.


In Mathematics we have been learning about the Mode, Range, Mean and Median. We created a revision poster that explains all four skills and gave an example of how to find each in a given set of data. Each day throughout the week we focused on a different skill.


In History we studied a range of Mayan Artefacts. Using what we have already learnt, we had to work in a group to make a prediction about what we thought each object might be and how it could be used. At the end of the lesson we shared our ideas before Mr Blackburn revealed what each item actually was.


In Religious Education we revised our learning about Ummah and then talked about the characteristics we believed created a positive, strong community. We were given key words that we had to order from most important to least important in a Diamond 9.


In Science we learnt about how light travels through transparent, translucent and opaque objects. We also learnt that when light hits an opaque object it creates a shadow. We then carried out an experiment showing how distance from a light source can affect a shadow.