In English we are reading Jurassic park. We have read a chapter of the book called The Velociraptor where the characters Lex and Tim are hiding in a kitchen from a Velociraptor. We also created a new Reading display about the skills that we had revised.


In Maths we are learning about factors of a given numbers. We found factors of given numbers and then also found primes numbers, multiples and highest common factors.


In Science we are starting a new topic about electricity. We discussed the potential dangers of electricity and then created a poster with safety considerations on.


In Geography we began our new topic about Eastern Europe. We considered which countries might be classified as Eastern Europe before using the atlas to find and label these countries and their capitals on a map.


In PE we worked with Miss Leah again to create a dance from the musical Grease! This was great fun and we all really enjoyed doing this.