Last night ( 26th January 2017 ) 6 girls form years 5 and 6 took part in a 6 aside football tournament at the Veda football centre in Preston. When we arrived the teams had been split into 6 leagues of 4 teams. The leagues played in 0ne of six pitches. Unfortunately our pitch was outside. With the temperature around 2 degrees and a cold wind to add, it was very cold. We played 3 games, first we played Longsands and lost 2-0. We then played Harris and drew 1-1. Finally in our opening league we played Queens Drive and won 1-0. This left us 3rd in the league. The top two teams went into the cup competition leaving the bottom two teams in the Plate competition. 

Luckily this time we played inside to at least it was warmer with no cold wind blowing. In our second league of 4 teams we beat Brookfield 2-1 and Ourladies 1-0. Cottam beat us 2-1 in the other game of the league. From the three leagues the top team went into the semi finals with the highest second placed team, which was us. In the semi we won 4-0 giving us great confidence for the Plate final. Again in the final we met Cottam. The girls played very well but Cottam again beat us 2-1. 

It was a great afternoon lasting a lot longer than we thought. A big well done to Jasmin ( y6 ), Monae ( y6 ), Shaniyah ( y6 ), Lacey ( y5 ), Elle ( y5 ), and Georgia ( y5 ). We look forward the next tournament.

Mr Mearns