This week in KS1 and Foundation we have been singing and composing songs all about Shrove Tuesday. Nursery children enjoyed playing the glockenspiels and singing about pancakes in a circle. Children in Sunshine Class used the shakers to sound like pancakes sizzling in the pan and made higher and lower sounds with their voices to describe the pancakes being flipped. Children in Rainbow class worked in small groups and wrote their own pancake songs. They had time at the end of the lesson to perform their songs to the rest of the class. Emma and Zohar wrote a fantastic song and sung it very expressively.

This week is year 3 we listened to a song about tortoises and played the notes on our glockenpsiels. We used the treble clef to work out the notes for the nursery rhyme three blind mice. We then spent time practising and performing this song with our partner. In year 5 we listened to 2 contrasting pieces of music and discussed the instrumentation and texture. We then composed our own space music in groups and discussed. Joseph, Ethan and Kascper composed a very dramatic piece of music. In the second part of the lesson we learnt how to play top c, d and bottom d on the recorder. Most of us can now play hot cross buns. We also practised the song London’s burning. Lacey and Rose nearly had all the notes correct. Keep practising Diamond Class