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Firstly, I do hope that everyone has had a fantastic summer and made the most of the very limited good weather that we have had.


Already, we have been hard at work in Gold class, practicing for our exams at the end of the year. Mr Blackburn and Mr Herd have collected our scores and want to…

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Bonjour ҫa va!

This week Sunshine Class are learning all about France so we incorporated some French songs into Music. They all enjoyed the song Bonjour ҫa va and we were able to use actions to remember the words. We also practised counting in French and the alphabet. I was very impressed with their efforts,…

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Boom Chicka Boom!

This week in singing assembly we learnt a new song called Jubilate Everybody and we enjoyed changing the tempo to this hymn, especially

going faster! We also practised Sorida again and we all did the actions with a partner.

Our new hymn My Lighthouse is also coming along nicely and we only…

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This week in singing assembly we learnt a new warm up song called Sorida. We all practised the actions and Mr Herd, Ruby and Lexi
demonstrated for us excellently at the front. We also learnt part of a new song My Lighthouse which is an upbeat song. I am pleased with
how well our singing is…
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Mrs Hanigan’s Blog – 8.3.17.

Well guys, they say that there is a first time for everything and this is the first time I’ve blogged…ever…so bear with me…

So, what have the children who have been out with me been up to this week? The larger groups have been looking at the history of the compass and how they work. We found…

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Music Blog


This week in the hall we sung a song called Chanda Mama. This song is in Hindi and was quite difficult so we need to keep practising. We also sung different action and Easter hymns.

In KS1 and foundation we have been focusing on spring and Easter. We learnt a new song Spring Chicken and…

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This week in KS1 and Foundation we have been singing and composing songs all about Shrove Tuesday. Nursery children enjoyed playing the glockenspiels and singing about pancakes in a circle. Children in Sunshine Class used the shakers to sound like pancakes sizzling in the pan and made higher and…

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