In Mathematics this week we have been learning about fractions. We have found this topic very challenging but we are getting there! We will continue practising these next week. In English we continued reading our key text.  We created a character profile about the main characters in the text and discussed the thoughts and feelings of the characters at certain key chapters in the text.


In PE we have been learning about different types of passing. We practised shoulder passing, chest passing and bounce passing in preparation from creating our own invasion games. In Science we investigated the lifecycle of amphibians. Miss Roberts then challenged us to compare the lifecycle of an amphibian to the lifecycle of a human.


With Mr Blackburn recently we have been discussing the use of ‘ing’ openers and the use of similes in our writing. We used whiteboards to write down rough ideas during our grammar lesson and then on Friday we created our own story about Hogarth and The Iron Man. Mr Blackburn gave us the freedom to create our own stories but he gave us a checklist of key features that we needed to include. Some of us read these stories out to the class – Mr Blackburn was very impressed! We’re sure he will enjoy his weekend marking them!