In English we have been writing reports on what elephants use their trunk for. 

          "Elephants use their trunk for drinking water" (Lily)

          "They flick mud on their back to stop getting burnt" (Kayleigh)

          "They use their trunk to get food" (Mikquell)


In maths we have started looking at 1/2 and 1/4. The children enjoyed using a Jaffa cake, they cut it in half then into quarters. 


In science we have been identifying wild plants. We went on a walk to spot different plants.

          "I found 7 daisies" (Kacey)

          "I found 9 dog roses" (Darcy)


In geography we talked about different weather conditions in different seasons and how we feel.

          "The rain makes us drenched" (Kayleigh)

          "I'm excited when it snows, we can go sledging" (Nicole C)

          "Thunder storms go BANG" (Nicole W)


Keep checking our photo gallery to see how our broad beans are growing. We are going to be planting some more flowers over the next few months in our tyres outside. We will put photos on each week to show you the progress. 


Our star of the week this week is Darcy.

Our merit certificate winners this week are Mikquell and Alicja.