Friday already!

What a fantastic week (according to Oscar) it has been in Sunshine class.

We have been 'Scientific Investigators', 'Stargazers' and 'Moonwatchers' this week.

One investigation we did was to find out how moon craters are made.

Sunshine class can tell you:

Moon goes all round the Earth, orbits (Eliza)

On the moon it is bumpy (Alara)

Out in space theres lots of rocks which bump into the moon and make craters (Nevaeh)

Never looks the same shape (Sophia)

I am really looking forward to seeing all of your moon diaries...even the teachers are all joining in with this homework!

"When we went for a walk I saw a fish shape in the clouds" (Conner)

We have also found out about the clouds and we can tell you: 

"They are created from the rain droplets." (Ellie)

"These come from puddles and oceans" (Dylan) "and the lakes" (Kaidon) 

"The rain comes back down from the clouds" (Ben)


Because it has been a bit sunnier we have enjoyed being outside. 

"I enjoyed the sandpit and the water" (Ela)

"I made the people move across the water without falling down" (Indy-C)

"I built a new house for me and Dylan to live in" (Kyle)


A huge thank you to Dylan and his mum this week for bringing in lots of fruits for us to make healthy snacks with. We enjoyed trying new things and making our own healthy kebabs.


Our certificate winners this week are Dylan and Alara, always happy, helpful and hardworking! Our star of the week is Charley.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Parkinson and the Sunshine team. 


P.s Please can you double check I can read your names in your jumpers this weekend?