In English this week we have been word detectives. We have been investigating suffixes, prefixes, syllables, and plurals.

“My name has 2 syllables” (Daniel)

“Unhappy, undo and unhealthy.” (Brooke)

“Pens, flowers beds and benches” (Ada)

In Mathematics this week we have been adding to 10 and then 20. The children have been using number lines and practical resources to do this.

“2+8 =10 1+9 =10” (Kayden)

“20+0=20, 19+1=20” (Alan)

This week we have had Science week so all our afternoon lessons have been science related. We have investigated sound, which the children made their own instruments and test how to play loud and quiet sounds. The children tested which headphones were the best to block out sound and the children enjoyed making paper cup telephones.

“I liked making my headphones out of cotton wool” (Esther)

“It was good talking to my friend.” (Kayleigh)

On Tuesday all the infant joined up together and carried out several different experiments. (Check out our photo gallery)

“The table legs are magnetic.” (Daniel)

On Wednesday the children carried o learning all about plants, they re-planted their broad beans and learnt lots about different garden flowers.

 On Thursday we had a fun afternoon with Mrs Gibson learning all about movement. We created some levers for our moving house pictures. We tested how far a car would travel on different surfaces and we investigated how we could move play dough by pulling, pushing, twisting and turning.

“I made a level that you can pull up and down.” (Kacey)

On Friday we investigated different types of weather. We even recorded our own weather reports. (Keep checking out our webpage to see them)

“In Spring it gets warmer.” (Darcy)

“I love it when it snows, I can build a snowman.” (Caroline


Star of the week – Drew

Scientists of the week – Darcy and Daniel