In English this week we have been writing Poems. Describing what we would be like if we were an animal.

          If I were a zebra

          I would race and ride

         But for now Im happy to be me. (Arham)

In maths we have been looking at patterns in numbers and talking about tens and units.

In Geography we have talked about cold countries. We discussed what we do when the weather is cold.

          'We wear hats and gloves' (Daniel)

          We can make snowballs' (Alicja)

          'I like sledging' (Nicole C)

In p.e we practised for sports day. We did running races, skipping races, hurdles and bean bag on the head races. 

In Science we discussed what a plant needs to grow.

          'It needs the sun' (Philip)

          'A plant needs water' (Brooke)


This week our star of the week is Alicja.

Our merit certificate winners are Lily and Arham.