Well that's the end of another busy week. The children have been having lots of fun in class learning about class two at the zoo. The children have loved joining in with the rhyming words and learning about all the silly things the animals do. 

"The anaconda eating the teacher was the funniest bit." (Nevaeh)

In Mathematics this week the children have been looking at number arrays on dice and dominoes. They have also been adding on 1 more using practical equipment and games. 

"5 and 1 more is 6." (Kaidon)

In Science the children have been labelling parts of a human body. They even enjoyed joining in with singing head, shoulders, knees and toes!

This week's merit certificate winners were Conner and Nevaeh. 

Star of the week went to Bobbi-Jack. 

Happy Birthday to Ellie this weekend and the cakes were amazing.