What a very busy day we've all had today. Children have learnt all the harvest songs ready for Friday's assembly. We have got some fantastic singers and even 2 soloists from Silver Class. It's their first time singing in front of a big audience but I'm very confident they'll be brilliant.

Nursery and Sunshine have been working on following directions and playing along to the pulse of the music. In Rainbow Class I was really impressed with all the children's contributions but especially Esther, who created her own dance to a piece of music we were learning. Her movements reflected the mood of the music perfectly. Fantastic work Esther.

In the juniors this afternoon Bronze Class have been continuing to learn the recorder. They are now able to play 4 notes and some simple tunes. I'm really impressed with their musical knowledge too. We had a fun game after our recorders to create some words with the musical notes. Good work Bronze Class.

In Diamond Class we continued to learn the ukulele and some of us were having a go at the guitar too. We can now play C chord and some of us can play G7 which is a bit trickier. I'm sure with more practise we will all achieve it.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again at the Harvest Festival on Friday. Don't forget to bring in a tin/packet of food.