This week is National Dyslexia Awareness Week and to mark this, we have had a whole school assembly today. There will (hopefully!) be a new part of the website that you will able to visit, that will contain some information about the assembly today, together with a ‘You Tube’ video called ‘Like a Dyslexic’ and an online book all about dyslexia. The book and video are both worth looking at and I particularly love the video, which was created by a twelve year old girl in Australia; in it, she considers the difficulties she faced, but also looks at her aspirations for the future and how she is inspired by many people with dyslexia who have gone on to do amazing things with their lives.


Spelling tests are well under way now and the vast majority of the junior children have completed theirs. These should all be done by the end of next week. In other news, chess club began again on Tuesday lunchtime. It was great to see lots of new faces at chess club, together with some old familiar ones. Reo and Ruby played a very intense game of chess that was a real nail-biter at times! Fantastic chess playing there, so well done.


I think we’ll have a fun challenge for this week, after all of the hard work that has gone on, you’ll need a partner and you also need to keep your balance!

Infant and Junior Challenge:

Get a partner and sit on the ground with your backs together and your arms linked. See if you can both stand up without using your hands!

Hint: You’ll need to press your backs against each other at the same time to achieve it.


Good luck and enjoy!