This week the highlight of the week was the football tournament at VIDA. Both myself and Mr Herd were incredibly proud of our team. We were desperately unlucky throughout the tournament and unfortunately we did not make it out of our group. A big well done to Harrison Day (Yr6), Ben Parkinson (Yr6), Oliwier Sury (Yr6), Niall Duncan (Yr6), Lexi Donelly (Yr5), Noah Bradley (Yr5), Owen Jones (Yr5), Connor Johnson (Yr5) and Hayden Jones-Johnson (Yr5). Each of the children who participated will receive a certificate in assembly on Monday. A big thank you to all of the parents who came to support us on the day too!


“How did we lose that!”  Oliwier Sury couldn’t believe what he’d just seen.

“Did you see that goal I scored?” – Harrison Day, who is never one to brag!

“He barged me! I’m going to barge him back!” – Ben Parkinson was unamused by what he felt was foul play.

“What a dive” – Noah Bradley was unhappy with an opposition player getting blown over in the wind.