How did we avoid the rain this week?

The infants had fun playing football and tag rugby this week. They really do know how to enjoy themselves the infants. Every day they just seem to have as much fun as possible. the goal of the week came from Alan. He collected the ball on the half way line, took the ball around two players, played a nice little one-two with Daniel and then finished the move off with a neat finish in the bottom corner. It really is a pleasure to watch these guys playing football.

The lower juniors had football, skittle and basketball this week. The team work that is being shown now by the lower juniors is getting better and better each week. Even when they are playing basketball shooting they still cheer for each other even though it’s every person for themselves. Lee, Reo and Hayden showed excellent team play in skittles; passing and working the ball all the way down the pitch. If it wasn’t for Oliver pulling off some fine defending they would have finished their move with a point.

The upper juniors enjoyed football, tag rugby and skittles this week. The upper juniors have been working on respect this week. They have been working on showing the referees and each other respect and they’ve done it really well. Gabriel and Harrison worked really well together to give their team the victory in Mondays game of football. Owen was the stand out performer in tag rugby with some excellent evasion skills.

The infant sports person of the week goes to Alan. Always a super, star Alan leads by example and always plays his best.

The lower junior sports person of the week goes to Ryan. You could have been mistaken for thinking there was ten Ryan’s on the yard this week. He was everywhere, up and down the pitch, in goal and firing basketball shots from every angle. Such a tremendous effort this week.

The upper junior sports person of the week goes to Gabi. Gabi is so polite and respectful in every aspect of her school life. She has now started to influence others to be more like her just by being herself and having fun. Gabi showed exceptional amounts of respect towards the referees and others and others have started to follow suit. Well done Gabi you’re a fantastic role model.

Let’s hope the rain holds off for the last week before the holidays…