Time really does fly when everyone’s having fun.

It’s been a footballing bonanza this week in Pool House, with all bar one game played being football.

In the upper juniors there was a lot of excellent team play, respect and sportsmanship on show. It was nice to see when a player got hit in the face with the ball, everyone stopped to make sure they were ok (they were fine). With outstanding solo goals coming from Jakub and Ayyun and top notch goalkeeping from Lacey; it really has been a brilliant week for the upper juniors.

The lower juniors enjoyed four days of football this week and they made every minute of every game count. With Lee leading the line (as ever) his team seemed to win every game they played. This was helped immensely by some near perfect goalkeeping from Harry, who then added to the goal tally’s whenever he came out of goal. Friday saw these guys partake in a game of skittles with guest referee Gabriel. Gabriel wanted to give the refereeing a go, choice, set up and lead the game with such professionalism. The game ended 2-2 but thanks to some top refereeing, it was played well and all those involved got to enjoy it.

The sports person of the week awards was handed out by Leon this week. This is not an easy undertaking for a young person but he did it with great maturity and professionalism (I’m going to be out a job at this rate).

The infants enjoyed another week of football this week. They just can’t get enough. The best thing about the infants is that they just go out and have fun. One game finished 14-9, but they loved every second of it. Every one of the referees that take the infants games always says how much fun it is.

The upper sports person of the week goes to Ayyun. What a presence this young man. Whether he’s refereeing or playing, he always helps set the game up. When he does play he’s an outstanding sportsman, skilful, respectful and a friend to everyone.

The lower junior sports person of the week goes to Harry. This silent assassin is lightning quick and you don’t know he’s there until he’s scoring a goal or saving one. Always polite and always playing the right way; it’s a pleasure to be able to give Harry this award this week.

The infant sports person of the week goes to Brodey. Such an infectious personality, such a smile. One of the smallest children in school with the biggest appetite for life. Brodey plays with the older, bigger children and it doesn’t faze him one bit. He just goes in 100% and have a whale of a time.

Let’s change it up next week with, hockey, basketball and maybe relay racing. Keep an eye open on the web page for some picture's of all the fun we have at dinner time's.

Chow for now!!!