We have continued our overall theme of ‘analysis’ this week. We have looked at the idea of the role of an archaeologist and how they analyse in fine detail all of the evidence they find about people, to make conclusions about them and the way they lived.

We looked at a modern archaeological activity, when we did the ‘Dustbin Game’! The children had to look at four families and four dustbins and tried to work out from the evidence they found there, which one belonged to which family. If you take a look in the Gallery pages of the website, you will see the children busy in their analysis…some very good reasoning went on!

The children have worked really hard this week and a number of the them were able to really focus on fine details and pull together different information to build up a clear picture of what information went together. The superstars this week were:

  • Keira (Year 5)
  • Jack (Year 5)
  • Lanie-Mae (Year 4)
  • Leila (Year 4)
  • Evie (Year 3)
  • Ela (Year 1)
  • Kyle (Year 1)


For the challenge this week, it seemed fitting to put a picture of the ‘Dustbin Game’ and you can have a go yourself. Who can work out the match the fastest?