I had a fun time in Diamond Class on Wednesday this week, we looked at homophones in SPAG and had a good discussion about the difference between a homophone and a homograph - do you know the difference? In English, we looked at a non-fiction text about the Arctic tern and thought about how we can use clues in the text to help us to distinguish between fact and opinion. We made ourselves giggle (well I did!) about the homophone of ‘tern’ (the bird) and ‘turn’ (taking turns) and wondered if Mr Mearns had done this deliberately!!


We went around the edge, not ‘over the edge’ (!) in mathematics, when we measured perimeter. There was some really good work produced and some very careful measuring and calculations. In the afternoon, we thought about Remembrance Day and why we still think about those who were in the World Wars. We had a really good discussion and there were some wonderful poems written by the class; Emma’s contained some particularly poignant lines – well done there.


Finally, we continued the work that the class had been doing with

Mr Mearns for computing. The class had looked last week at semaphore and this week, we looked at Morse Code. The children worked hard to send simple words and messages to one another. Despite being full of a cold, Oliver was able to send messages to Dominic very successfully, well done there.


Diamond Class ‘diamonds’ (!) were:

  • Lanie-Mae
  • William F


For the challenge this week, I promised that I would put the link for the Morse Code challenge from the BBC. Diamond Class had fun solving this, see if you can have a go…



Have a fun and enjoy!