Wednesday saw a fun morning had by some of our junior children, together with some of our friends from Ingol Community Primary school. We had a tangram-tastic (do you see what I did there?!) time, making and solving Tangram puzzles. These seven-piece puzzles, made from polygons, can be used to create animal shapes, larger polygons and a host of other pictures. They’re harder than you think!


Well done to the following children from our school, who worked so well and were great ambassadors for our school.

  • Ruby L. (Year 6)
  • William F. (Year 5)
  • Leila (Year 5)
  • Ellie-Mae (Year 5)
  • Max P. (Year 4)
  • Evie (Year 4)
  • Finlay (Year 4)
  • Emily J. (Year 4)
  • Darcy (Year 3)
  • Ada (Year 3)


Thanks too, to Miss Pass for all of her help on the day.


For the challenge this week, why not have a go at some Tangram puzzles yourself?  Take a look at:   



Have a fun and enjoy!