Whilst we have been really busy preparing for SATs once again this week, the stand out event from the week has to be World Book Day. Our theme this year, was Dodie Smith’s 1956 book, ‘One Hundred and One Dalmatians’. Everyone in school was dressed as a dalmatian – everyone but Jasper, Horace and their dastardly boss Cruella De Vil that is! Many of the children commented that the trio of Mr Blackburn, Mrs Cole and Mr Bamber suited the roles perfectly – we’ll leave it up to our readers to decide whether or not that is meant as a compliment or not!


The day begin with an introduction to World Book Day by Mr Blackburn and Mr Bamber (Jasper and Horace) and a timely entrance from Mrs Cole as Cruella. After this, we went back to class and carried out a range of 101 Dalmatian related activities. Throughout the day we created: lost dog posters, wanted posters for the villains, 101 Dalmatian themed bookmarks, 101 dalmatian word searches and designed a new fur coat for Cruella to wear as an alternative to a dalmatian coat! We also joined in with the junior competition where we had to list as many book titles with numbers in as we could.


All in all, we all had a very fun day and it was lovely taking a day away from the SATs focus, reading for pleasure and ultimately having some fun!