Welcome back :-)


We have started to look at a new book about ultimate explorers. We have learnt about an explorer called Ed Stafford and Mary Kingsley who explored the rain forest. We have also learnt about Hiram Bingham who found the lost city of Machu Picchu. 



In Mathematics we have been adding and subtracting 5-digit numbers using the column method.


We mixed cornflour and water to see what it made. We tested different solids with water to see what happened. We found out that some solids dissolved in the water to create a solution. 


We have started to learn about deserts, we found out that not all deserts are hot.  A desert is defined by the amount of rain fall which is less than 250ml per year. 


We have designed a phone case and started to practice sewing. It was hard to thread the needle.


In computing we started to look at virtual spaces. We used the programme Sketch up to create our own virtual space.


Mrs Bennett taught us music, we were learning about protest songs. One of the protest songs was called 'We are the children of Africa.' We enjoyed our music lesson. 

Merit certificates - Jasmine and William D

Star of the week - Dominic