Evacuee Day

This week we took part in our long awaited Evacuee Day. Can I just say, on behalf of myself and Mrs Gibson, a big thank you first and foremost to all the parents who helped their children dress up in such spectacular costumes for the day. The children looked absolutely FANTASTIC!! It was certainly…

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Friend or Foe?

What a busy week we have had!

We began reading our new book – Friend or Foe – in English. To immerse us in this new topic, we have been carrying out research into the Blitz and evacuees during World War Two. We began the week asking questions we wished to know about this era of history and…

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Five Star

Is it really the end of week two already? How the last two weeks have flown by already!

Let’s have a quick look at some of the things we have been doing throughout yet another busy week:

  1. We performed our ‘Down by the Bay’ poems to the rest of the class. Mr Blackburn was very impressed at…
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Welcome Back!

Welcome back and a big warm welcome to Diamond Class! It has been lovely meeting all of the new Diamond Class children and I hope they have enjoyed their week as much as the staff have!


We spent much of the week getting to know each other and the routines of year 5 but don’t be fooled into…

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Busy! Busy! Busy!

Well this week has flown by and the children have been so busy on their two days out. 

The children had a fantastic day Ashton High School, taking part in Science, R.E, P.E, Computing and DT lessons. The children carried out some wonderful experiments with different gases. They went on a 

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The sun is finally here!!

This week seems to have flown by. The children have started to learn about area, perimeter and volume in mathematics. They have started a new topic in English were they are designing, making and then pitching their idea to a panel of judges. (Dragon Den style)

In science the children have been…

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1st week back in Diamond class

Welcome back :-)


We have started to look at a new book about ultimate explorers. We have learnt about an explorer called Ed Stafford and Mary Kingsley who explored the rain forest. We have also learnt about Hiram Bingham who found the lost city of Machu…

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Amy's blog


On Monday morning we did English , we were learning about Greek myths and we  was on a page called Pandora's box and the Greek myths were made for ancient Greeks to understand the how the world has bean made. In mathematics we were learning about 4-digit numbers and 1- digit numbers by…

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Where did the holiday go... By William F

This has been a good week ;-)


We started becoming WORD DETECTIVES 

Which includes: Using a dictionary correctly, using a thesaurus & investigating spelling rules. 

In mathematics we have been learning mental methods to add and subtract. 

In science we were looking at…

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Amy's week in Diamond class

In English we have been looking at narrative poems like "Millers End " and " By St Thomas water"  and in Mathematics we have been learning about improper fractions and how to convert them to proper fractions e.g 7/6= 1 1/6 In geography we planned routes using co-ordinates. In Science we look at…

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Don't eat the chocolate... by Jasmine Q

Welcome  to my blog this week in diamond class we have been doing about resistance and there are two types of resistance.There is positive and negative resistance.Positive is about helping and doing the right thing and negative is about doing the wrong thing and hurting people.We also have been…

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#Can't resist

This week in diamond class in English we have been doing some reviews on the museum of fun we are very exited about them and I think that everyone has done a good job and tried their best. We also made a quiz for little children for when they go through the museum they can answer the questions we…

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