Rocking Raps

This week, we have been working exceptionally hard in Diamond Class. We have performed our raps in English and we have used instruments to find a steady beat.  These were amazing and we had so much fun showing our friends how talented we are.

In Mathematics, we have been looking at column…

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Welcome Back Year 5

Happy New Year!!


We are thrilled to be back together after a wonderful Christmas break. What fun we all had too!

This week we have been discussing our holidays and the exciting things we got up to and the wonderful memories we made. 

In Mathematics, we have been looking at negative…

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Fantastic Five

What fun we have had this week in Year 5. On Tuesday, we all went to the Panto to watch Snow White and had such a fabulous day. ‘Oh no you didn’t! Oh yes we did!

In English, we have been writing story endings for The Little Match Girl, which we had to plan and edit.

In Mathematics, we have…

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Fun In Five

In Year 5 this week, we have been looking at area in Mathematics and reading a new text in English called The Little Match Girl. We have continued to design our advent calendars in DT and looked at air resistance in science. 


The Star of the Week goes to Dylan 

Merit goes to Oliver and…

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Our Wonderful Week

In English we have typed up our migration reports.

In Maths we have been measuring the perimeter of our school.

In DT we have continued to design our own advent calendars.

In Science we carried out an experiment looking at gravity.

Star of the Week goes to Joey

Good Friend award…

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Children in Need

In English, we have been learning about animal migration and planning our own reports.

In Mathematics, we have been learning how to use a protractor to measure and find missing angles.

In DT, we have been designing our own advent calendars.

In PSHCE, we have been talking about…

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We Remember

In English, we were looking at animal migration.

In Mathematics, we have been measuring angles with a protractor.

We also remembered the amazing soldiers who died in battle, and made beautiful poppy wreaths. 

Our Merit winners and Jehanna and Oscar.

Star of the Week is Casey.


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Welcome Back Diamond Class

In Mathematics, we have been looking at our mental maths skills and code breakers.

In English, we been writing about our half term and reading our new class book - The Ice Monster.

In Art, we have been making Diya lamps to celebrate Diwali and Bonfire art with oil pastels.

Good Friend…

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Week 6 in Diamond class

In maths we have been doing division using the bus stop method.

In English we have finished reading ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo. We also have made a power point all about Michael Morpurgo.

In PE we have been doing gymnastics and races.

In RE we’ve been learning about Moses.

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Week 9 Diamond Class

This week has been a busy week in year 5. We have continued to work hard on our maths skills. Each day we have been working through some start of the day activities which concentrate on our basic skills. In English we have been reading and studying poems written by Charles Causley and Michael…

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The Great Debate

  1. We spent a lot of our time this week learning about debates. We discussed the key features needed in a debate on Monday and then gathered research for our debate about school uniform throughout the week. On Friday we divided the class into two sections and had our own House of Commons style…
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All About Muggles

  1. We have had a busy week in Diamond Class and in Mathematics we were particularly busy. We began the week by researching the places where we may find negative numbers in real life situations before answering questions based on real data. We then studied timetables and answered key questions…
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